Climpson & Sons Coffee

Our speciality grade coffee is roasted exclusively for us by pioneers of the London coffee scene, Hackney's Climpson and Sons. The 100% Brazilian coffee is chosen for its rich, chocolatey taste profile. Smooth and complex on its own, and rich, strong and sweet with milk it’s a perfect all-round coffee for every day. No wonder Abokado were voted by Shortlist Magazine as serving some of the best coffee in London!


Our superior grade sashimi comes from our trusted, independent suppliers in Norway, where the salmon is fed with non-GMO fish feed and raised in open-sea farms 18 months before being harvested. It’s then freshly delivered and skilfully cut by our team.


Smoked salmon and Hot smoked salmon

We’re proud to source all our smoked and hot smoked salmon from the traditional Severn & Wye Smokery. Based on the edge of The Royal Forest of Dean between two of England’s most celebrated salmon rivers, they practice the old-fashioned art of smoking with only the highest quality fish.


Our tuna is sustainably sourced using the long-line method in the Western Central Pacific, which is deemed one of the most sustainable tuna catching areas in the world! We specifically use a supplier where fishermen are better paid, improving their standard of living and helping their communities in the long-term.

Fruit & veg

So, what makes our salads taste so very fresh? Well, we’re painstakingly meticulous about quality and source only the best fruit and veg from a family-run Kent based farm, with over 600 hectares of land and 60 unique crops. It’s sourced and delivered each morning and British whenever possible … we’re trying to do our bit when it comes to reducing impact on the environment. Our gorgeous kale is locally grown throughout the winter, along with all our fresh herbs.

Hass Avocados

Fresh nutty, Class 1 avocados. Delivered to us in perfect condition from special ripening rooms. Tricky to handle but gorgeous when they’re just right!


Fresh coriander, dill and chives - lovely big bunches of the stuff that we use widely across our menu.



Salad dressings and specialist sauces are hand made for us, to our own closely guarded recipes.


Premium grade sushi and brown/wild rice. Meticulously rinsed, steamed and prepared to ensure the perfect texture and taste. Our sushi rice contains a special vinegar to enhance flavour. We are obsessive about rice quality!

Glass noodles

Also known as vermicelli noodles, these are wonderfully low in calories and free from gluten.

Chargrilled chicken

All our poultry is sourced from suppliers who adhere to strictly governed animal welfare standards, set by the EU and UK.
We use only breast meat in our delicious chicken dishes.


Our perfectly poached eggs are British and only ever free range (of course!).

Breakfast Bagels

We are rather famous for our breakfast bagels! Just like the bagel bakeries of New York, our bagels are still made in the traditional method of dropping the formed dough into boiling water, before being oven baked. It ensures their distinctive chewy outer and wonderfully soft middle!

‘Froyo’ - Frozen Yoghurt

Our utterly delicious frozen yoghurt is free from gluten, 100% natural and totally fat free - so you really can have seconds!

Cold-pressed juices

Thirst-quenching and healthy, our juices are 100% cold-pressed and packed full of nutrients and flavour. Pure and free from colours and preservatives. No nasties … ever!